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Okara (Urdu: اوکاڑہ), is the capital city of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Okara is also known as Mini Lahore. The name Okara is derived from Okaan, the name of a type of tree.The city is located southwest of the city of Lahore and is famous for its agriculture-based economy and cotton mills. The nearest major city to Okara is Sahiwal,formerly known as Montgomery. Okara is now the part of Sahiwal Division.

Okara has the largest storage capacity in Asia and is a fairly large district in Pakistan in terms of population. There are famous Pakistan military dairy farms, especially famous for their cheese, situated in Okara. These farms are of the pre-partition or British Indian Era. Mitchels farms also are located in the nearest town, Renala Khurd, in the Okara District. Okara's postal code is 56300.

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  • Government Degree College For Boys, Sulman Ismail (guest) wrote 7 months ago:
    i love my college, now i m Engineer in ZHONG XIANG TELECOM PVT Lahore Pakistan, Specially thanks my all Teachers, Sir Afzal sb, Azhar Ali Khalid Gill sb, Rasheed sb, Nazar sb, Saif sb,Nadeem sb, God give all of us a lot of Happiness and good Health
  • Company Bagh, Safdar Shaheed Park, muskan (guest) wrote 9 months ago:
    miral nd wattu are totally wrong its a family park and a very wondrfull place guyzzzzzz realyyy
  • Company Bagh, Safdar Shaheed Park, muskan (guest) wrote 9 months ago:
    we had a great time in the shaheed pak we all cznz enjoyed alot
  • Dr. Ali Bahadur Clinic, uzkmi wrote 10 months ago:
    Dr Ali Bahadur was such a graceful person with black beard and noorani face. He lived in the street opposite MB High School, past Shaikh Riaz's home. He was our family friend. His clinic was a block away from our family home and his house was 2-3 blocks away from us.. On July 21, 2014 I met his daughter-in-law in London. She was so happy to hear details of Dr. Ali Bahadur's family. Her hubby could not make it to my brother's house that day, however she said that they will be back again soon. I had a short visit to Hendon, London, UK to attend funeral services of my Bhabi, Dr. Anwer Jahan wife of my brother Lutfullah Khan. May Allah rest the souls of our deceased loved ones in peace in His neighboorhood, among His chosen people, Aameen! I love Okara and have many memories associated it. Our family owned agricultural lands and fruit orchards (Bagh) in the vicinity of Okara, in Gogera, in Karman Wala, and in Marula (North of Renala Khurd). Gogera used to be District Headquarters prior to Montgomery-Sahiwal during British Rule. I grew up in Lahore, but Okara was like a second home for us. In late 1970s, we moved to USA, and love it here, while my brother and sisters are still settled in Lahore. You can search for uzkmi, through Wikimapia Search Bar on top right and read more about my snippets or tidbits. Usman Muhammad Khan New Jersey 08054-3315 USA Wikimapia User: uzkmi Updated: August 30, 2012 Hum Na Honge To Hume Yaad Karegi Duniya ... Apne Jeene Ki Ada Bhi Anokhi Sab Se Apne Marne Ka Bhi Andaaz Nirala Hoga Ek Din Bik Jayega, Maati Ke Mol Jag Mein Reh Jayenge Pyare Tere Bol Dooje Ke Hothon Ko Dekar Apne Geet Koi Nishani Chhor, Phir Duniya Se Dol
  • New Pak College Of Commerce (Okara), Farhan Ali wrote 1 year ago:
    Ya college apna teachers ki waja sa bst ha.... :-) May!!!!! They live long....
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