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Okara (Urdu: اوکاڑہ), is the capital city of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Okara is also known as Mini Lahore. The name Okara is derived from Okaan, the name of a type of tree.The city is located southwest of the city of Lahore and is famous for its agriculture-based economy and cotton mills. The nearest major city to Okara is Sahiwal,formerly known as Montgomery. Okara is now the part of Sahiwal Division.

Okara has the largest storage capacity in Asia and is a fairly large district in Pakistan in terms of population. There are famous Pakistan military dairy farms, especially famous for their cheese, situated in Okara. These farms are of the pre-partition or British Indian Era. Mitchels farms also are located in the nearest town, Renala Khurd, in the Okara District. Okara's postal code is 56300.

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  • SCHOOL EPI, striker (guest) wrote 26 days ago:
    its cothm
  • Usmani Manzil 1, uzkmi wrote 1 month ago:
    WaAlaikumUsSalam Dear Friend, You can email me at or Good to hear from you. We lived in Mohalla Makhdoom Zaadgaan. I have a postcard from July 4, 1941, addressed to Qazi Ata Ullah and Qazi Sibghat Ullah, who lived in Gali Qazi'yaan. I don't see a link here to post the image here. Nana had a Mahal'Sra, might be in Mohalla Makhdoom Zaadgaan. There were dozens of homes owned by my relatives. Sorry for a late response, I did not know, a message was awaiting my response. Dher'oen Dua'aen, Allah Qubool Karey, Aameen! Take Care, Khuda Hafiz, Usman
  • Usmani Manzil 1, Panipatti (guest) wrote 2 months ago:
    Assalaam'aaleykum! Usman Bhai, good to know that your family traces its root back to Panipat. I am a native of Panipat and love wandering in the streets of Old Panipat to contemplate over the partition and what it has led to. It pains me a lot to see the abandoned houses and masajid now taken over by people of other faith who came here as Muhajir. Do you have any idea where in Panipat did your Nana Sahab used to live? Mohalla name or any other landmark? Also, did your Nana Sahab or anyone from your family revisited Panipat to see what they left behind after they made hijrat to the other side of the border?
  • Shora Kothi, Alipur Mohalla, Radiant Flower wrote 4 months ago:
    yes you are right. shora kothi history started from the era of great Saint Baba Fareed Ganj shker from 12th century. i am feel privilege that i am resident of Shora kothi in house that was part Shora factory owned by Seth Meghraj Mohunta but at present time is converted into a large beautiful house. no body can guess that a factory was exist there ever :P
  • Shora Kothi, Alipur Mohalla, Radiant Flower wrote 4 months ago:
    i am glad to read this story. i feel great privilege to inform you all that i am living next to Dr. Shora' home in street # 1 shora kothi, okara. A wall separate Shora Kothi from Mustafa park which is predominant with marzai (Ahmadi). My grandfather Siraj Din was built this wall. Now a days this wall has a door which is used for students to go school in Mustafa Park. for a long time this house remained empty because owner of this house was lived abroad and they offer this house on rent. i had spent my childhood around these houses. i remembered how i jumped from my roof to Dr. Shora's house to caught a kite :) or some time to pick fruits from the plants that was grown in their lawn. my parents told us all about the historical places in okara icluding shora buisness. you ll be surprised to know i have read a book regarding Saint Baba Farid ud Din Ganjshker, it was mentioned in this book that few of his follower extract shora from okara. that was really surprising for me. i am 26 years old. i love my city Okara more than any place in Pakistan. i always try to find some thing which distinct my city from others. But at the same time i love Batala (India) which is homeland of my forefathers from both sides. From maternal side we belongs to Guspura Batala where we had a lot land and of buffaloes (Maj or mai'n in punjabi) therefore people used to call us maieeyan waley. my great grandfather name was Maher Firoz Din and grandfather name was Maher Hassan. On other hands my forefathers from paternal side belongs to Achli gate Batala. where we had Commission shop (Aarhet in punjabi) in sabzi mandi. and my grandfather were also holding an Agri engineering industry with name of ( Batala engineer's). when i heard stories from my elders a natural feelings emerge and i really wish to see that place. i have a lot of unseen love for Batala. i have heard a lot of stories regarding partition but God really give me an opportunity to be part a story but as medium to bring a man to his birth place in Okara. it was sep, 2006 when i received an email from Dr. viny Kumar, dean of Chicago medical university USA. he requested me to find his birth place in okara. where his grand father Dr. Uttam Chand Ahuja used to live before partition. it was very difficult for me to find it because he told me that his house was constructed in 1935 and i did,t have anyone who was so much aged. secondly things was changed in 71 years. i asked my father they said i never heard about that because my date of birth is 1951. but he solved my problem when he told me that old civil hospital was on thandi sarak near Company Baag (still with same name as it served to accommodate refuges at time of partition). i find 2 houses keeping in view the things dr. viny had told me. On November, 2006 he came to okara after attending conference in Lahore. we visited his home was still existing in same condition with marble plaque engraved with his grandfather's name Dr. uttam Chand Ahuja. he started to cry and rushed toward the pillar below this plaque and asked for picture. Meanwhile one of member of family living in this house came out having same piece of marble which they have secured for 60 years. In short very emotional scenes were there which can,t b explain in words. That was really good experienced and i thanks Allah almighty who give me an opportunity to serve the people who had bad experience of migration. i read Batala was included in Pakistan at time of partition and remained part of Pakistan only for 3 days but Indian's conspiracy to secure Amretsir has deprived Pakistan from Batala and we have to migrate :( Whatever the case I Love to be Pakistani and i love my city and wish to see Batala :)
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